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Villa Cafaggiolo's Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“CafaggiOLIO” is Villa Cafaggiolo’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil


It comes from Villa Cafaggiolo’s hills, the rolling hills around Florence, in the Chianti Rufina area.


Our olive oil is:


  • 100% biologic and organic, with a very low acidity (below 0,1%)

  • 100% made of typical Tuscan cultivars: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino, Pendolino

  • 100% authentic Tuscan product that embodies the essence of the Tuscan tradition


“CafaggiOLIO” olive oil it is really made with Passion and Love!!!

It is the ideal Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to use for all dishes of the Tuscan tradition:


  • perfect for dressing any salades and fresh tomatoes

  • delicious if paired with bruschettas, legumes, fresh vegetables and buffalo mozzarella

  • wonderful if drizzled over beef carpaccio, ribollita, roasted fish, grilled meat


​​The pictures below, show the birth of  "CafaggiOLIO" Extra Virgin Olive Oil... from the Trees to the Bottles!

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